Vape Juice 10ml


Glycerin based tincture infused with Cannabis kief

Natural Cannabis THC/CBD Extract

Recommended Use:

Mix with existing flavors or use on its own.

6 reviews for Vape Juice 10ml

  1. John

    What is the THC strengh of your vape juice?

    • admin

      it is up to 5% THC with the correct heat it can go up to 10% THC

  2. Liza

    Does the juice make you high or is it just for medical use?

    • admin

      It does have a psychoactive effect. It has a variety of medicinal uses.

  3. Steven

    Good day

    Do you get the juice in 20ml bottles and the price?

    • admin

      Our Vape Juice only comes at the stated 10ml at R200-00 each.

  4. Tyron


    What is the ratio of kief vs glycerin? Is the strength 0.1 per 10ml or more?


    • admin

      We don’t really divulge our recipes. PG:VG 60:40

  5. Alieyah

    Hey can I use this for chronic migraines

    • admin

      Vaporizing cannabis does not only help with the headache pain itself, but can also relieve nausea and other related migraine symptoms. The relaxing effect of cannabis is also beneficial since stress is thought to play a role in triggering migraines.

  6. Tristan

    Can this be used with a twisp?

    • admin

      Yes, it can be used in most Vape pens.

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