25mg – F.E.C.O 30 Capsules

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R350.00 inc VAT

Full Extract Cannabis Oil (25mg per cap)

Natural Cannabis THC/CBD Extract

For higher stages of cancer and chronic pain

Recommended Use:

Please complete a full course of our cannaoil or cannabalm before using this product.



CAUTION: Please be aware that this is a full extraction cannabis oil and is highly potent.

* Do not use with alcohol or other medications.

* Do not use if you are prone to heart conditions or seizures

* Please consult a physician before use.

* Keep Hydrated.

* Do not operate heavy machinery.

* This product will produce a positive result when tested for THC

* This medication may cause drowsiness.

* Use in moderation.

17 reviews for 25mg – F.E.C.O 30 Capsules

  1. Antoinette van der merwe

    Goeie dag
    Wil graag uit vind kan ek die sativa/indica oil caputals 25mg gebruik vir Rimatiod attritis …. en moet dit soggens geneem word of kan mens dit in die aand ook neem . Dan wil ek weet ek drink mexthotrexate pille … kan ek die pille en capsules saam gebruik .

    Baie dankie

  2. Elsabe Gagiano


    I had an aorta valve replacement 14months ago and I need to drink warfarin daily. I get bronchitis and inflammation in my lungs constantly and live in pain and discomfort. Will I benefit from this product?

    My mother has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and she has severe pain. Will she also benefit from this product?

    Elsabe Gagiano

  3. Martha Alberts

    Ek wil ook graag navraag doen in verband met osteoartritis.
    Sal die oliekapsules ook vir die pyn as gevolg van bogenoemde

  4. craig smith


  5. Janine Davidson

    Hi there. My mom’s white blood cells are very high and they are just starting all the blood work to find out what exactly is wrong. I’d like to immediately get her onto the oil but need advice on what to buy first – where do we start? Thank you!

  6. Caroline Nel

    Can this help for my son’s leaky gut oroblems due to anxiety. He is also mentally handicapped as he was born with ring chromosome 13 syndrome.

    • admin (verified owner)

      CannaBalm, MSM x 2 daily in distilled water, Sutherlandia, CoQ10

  7. Leonie

    When I buy this product, what do I get. The bottle of caps and the syringe, or how does this work?

    • admin (verified owner)

      30 Capsules x 25mg FECO – The syringe is for display, we do offer the syringe 5g & 10g

  8. Colin Davidson

    Can the feco capsules make my mouth very dry in the morning when taken the night before ?

    Can i take with Lyrica (pregabalin)

    I have taken cbd oil for 6 weeks now and started with feco capsules for 4 days

    Wheb should i see an improvement ?


    Hi there, my husband has high blood pressure and his thyriod is not working at all is there anything i can use he is using eltroxin, fortzaar at the moment.

    • admin (verified owner)

      Hi there nutmeg is really good for high blood pressure as well as moringa. For thyroid i will suggest Maca root as that helps your body balance hormones relating to the problem of the non active thyroid.

  10. Barbara Ninow

    I have fibromyalgia and awaiting knee replacements but am on tablets for high blood pressure, can this be taken in the evening with my other tablets

    • admin (verified owner)

      we dont suggest it only because the FECO already drastically drops your blood pressure so your body might go into shock with the blood pressure changing so fast.

  11. Laur

    My uncle has stage 3 cancer , he is not responding from treatment and not strong enough for chemo. We are interested in trying the feco oil. Any help would be much appreciated. Sincerely laur

  12. zan (verified owner)

    For me these take about a few hrs to kick in. I take them at 6pm by 9pm I’m good to sleep. I used to be on zoipledem, so I had to test what the correct dosage is for me, which is 2 -3 capsules on real bad days. As with all Bobby products, practice caution u guys.

  13. Roxanne

    Can I take the FECO caps for osteoarthritis if I’m on Serdep antidepressants and Purata calmatives?

    • admin (verified owner)

      Yes, you can.

  14. Beverley

    Have sent 2 emails lately and have not received a reply.

  15. David de Villiers

    Hi. I had prostate cancer and my wife had breast cancer. I am on blood pressure and antidepressant medication. What can we use as a preventative measure for cancer, and will the products also help with the blood pressure and depression?

    • admin (verified owner)

      Please copy and paste this message to an email and send it to healthhelp@thebobbygreenhashfoundation.com
      If possible, please include a list of the medications that you’re currently taking.

  16. Darren Moroney

    I have just purchased the FECO 25mg, I was told it will help me with my restless legs syndrome.

    • admin (verified owner)

      Please be aware that FECO is very strong and you must only take it in the evenings, 2-3hrs before bed.

  17. Chantel venter

    Will this help for aduld ADHD and depression? What do you recommend?

    • admin (verified owner)

      This is a bit too strong for that purpose, CannaOil will be a better choice for those two issues.

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