FECO Cannabis Oil 10ml

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Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Natural Cannabis THC/CBD Extract

For higher stages of cancer and chronic pain.



CAUTION: Please be aware that this is a full extraction cannabis oil and is highly potent.

* Do not use with alcohol or other medications.

* Do not use if you are prone to heart conditions or seizures

* Please consult a physician before use.

* Keep Hydrated.

* Do not operate heavy machinery.

* This product will produce a positive result when tested for THC

* This medication may cause drowsiness.

* Use in moderation.

5 reviews for FECO Cannabis Oil 10ml

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Karin Mac Rae

    Please send more info

  2. M Janse Van Rensburg

    Good day, my brother has very high blood pressure for the past week. The bottom reading doesn’t go below 110 and goes up to 125. He went to the doctor at the moment but has tried 3 different blood pressure medication, but made him feel very ill. How quickly can we try your oil and which is best? It’s urgent please!!

    • admin

      Hi the best best for you would be nigella sativa and nutmeg for high blood pressure but try get off all medication

  3. Shaun

    How long in millimetres is a 3ml syringe?

  4. Vera KOTZE

    How is this extracted please? Alcohol??? Or??

    • admin


  5. monya

    What is the directions of use? If i were to fill empty pill capsules, how much and how often is this to be taken

    • admin

      A rice grain amount is about 25mg, that is our smallest capsulated dosage. You take it once a day 2-3hrs before bed. Please note that this product is very strong and does make you high.

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