FECO Cannabis Oil 1ml


Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Natural Cannabis THC/CBD Extract

For higher stages of cancer and chronic pain.



CAUTION: Please be aware that this is a full extraction cannabis oil and is highly potent.

* Do not use with alcohol or other medications.

* Do not use if you are prone to heart conditions or seizures

* Please consult a physician before use.

* Keep Hydrated.

* Do not operate heavy machinery.

* This product will produce a positive result when tested for THC

* This medication may cause drowsiness.

* Use in moderation.

5 reviews for FECO Cannabis Oil 1ml

  1. Dave Griffith

    Do you sell this product by the ml? What amount do i need monthly?
    I have breathing issues for over a year now. Doctors say it is viral infection.
    I cannot afford a once off of over R4000.

  2. Thirusha

    I have severe inflammation, oxidative stress, leaky gut which is full of pathogens due to doctors messing around with me, will full extraction CBD/THC oil help? I’m thinking of using the pechoti method to deliver the oil, do you think this will help with the above? I currently order the oil off this site (FECO) for my dad, wondering if I could use it for my issues to as I’d like to purchase it for myself.

    • admin

      We will be replying to you via email.

  3. Samir

    Hi i have chronic insomnia aswell as anxiety/depression what kind of dose should i take before bed? also how long can the 1ml last me

    • admin

      You need a really small dose is you’re using FECO. A rice grain is about 25mg and you’re looking at taking about half of that, taken 2-3hrs before bed.

  4. Jason

    Hi my mom has cancer of the liver and pancreous I need to get this for her and need advice and dosing as well as maybe a diet please get back to me ASAP… The radiation seems to be working but has reoccurred in different organs

    • admin

      Our health help consultant will be contacting you via email soon.

  5. Dee

    My 5.5kg dog 11year old dog has Lymphoma. Been on Canno oil for the past two months. Dose now up to 0.4ml 3 timesaday. Do you think this FECO oil would be more beneficial to her?

    • admin

      FECO is not really good for dogs, rather increase your CannaOil dosage.

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