Divine Elixir 750ml – Kids Box of 4

R736.00 inc VAT

Highly charged Water

Chaga Mushrooms, Turmeric

Ginger, Garlic, Lemon

Apple Cider Vinegar, Sea Salt

*NO*Cayenne Pepper,Cinnamon.



Comes in a box of 4.

Health Boosting Drinking Elixir used for

Weight loss, Metabolism Booster

Pain reliever.


Assists in healing and prevention of:

Hypertension, Indigestion

Bone degeneration, Alzheimer

Colds and Flu, Cancer

Depression, Kidney and Gall stones

Gastritis, Strokes and Ulcers.

2 reviews for Divine Elixir 750ml – Kids Box of 4

  1. Cornelius

    How does this taste?, And how often should this be consumed?, Its a little expensive to use every day?
    I have severe lowerback issues and have constant inflammation, Do you have anything I can use for inflammation?

    • admin

      It tastes like vinegar. 50ml a day, 25ml in the morning and 25ml in the evening.
      Cannabalm, Nigella Sativa and Joint Eeze, these would be a good start to deal with your back issues.

  2. Chris

    I live in Nelspruit where can l buy the tojic

    • admin

      Please contact our Mpumalanga distributor Michelle on 084 2090720.
      If that fails, just order on here.

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