Diatomaceous Earth Capsules 60s

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Natural and Organic, Vital for Blood Vessels, Skin, Cartilage, Bones, Tendons, Liver, Lungs, Heart etc. 100% Safe


Recommended Use:

See label for instructions


Major Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth
Kills Intestinal parasites
Detoxes the Body
Lowers high blood pressure & Cholesterol
Prevention & Treatment of Osteoporosis
Promotes hair growth
Improves Dental health
Removes Lice, Mites & Ticks
Treats & Prevents Diarrhea
Source of Natural Silica

Other benefits-
Respiratory Tract, vertigo, tinnitus, insomnia, headaches, metabolism, increasing energy levels, relieves fatigue,menopause, kidney stones, UTI, Tuberculosis, diabetes, coronary disease, Alzheimer’s, colon health, prevents hair loss, ulcers, cancers, enhancing calcium absorption,


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