Coenzyme Q10 Plus 30 Capsules

R149.50 inc VAT

 Reduce heart failure symptoms
 Fights cancer as a secondary treatment
 Reduces aches and body pains caused by
cholesterol medication
 Boost energy
 Prevents irregular heart beat
 Maintain healthy bones and teeth
 Reduces plagues inside artery walls
 Decrease risk of blood clotting

Recommended Use:

1 capsule daily

1 review for Coenzyme Q10 Plus 30 Capsules

  1. darling (verified owner)

    I bought mine in April 2020, this evening I have taken 2 for the first time, so lets see how I do, I usually take the FECO 25mg for chronic pain management as a breast cancer Stage 3 Survivor, but now have PostThrombosisSyndrome (PTS) & Chronic DVT/VTE and have been put on Xeralto 20mg blood thinners for the rest of my life, am also on Bilocor 5mg, Venlor 150mg and Equisin 20mg daily. Can do no harm in trying this, the FECO 25mg help for the pain and I get atleast 4 hours of sleep from 1 FECO Capsule 🙂

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