Canna Slab Standard – 60g

R80.00 inc VAT

NEW canna chocolate 60g per slab.

Each slab is made from a high quality chocolate and contains 33mg of full extract cannabis concentrate.



♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ *full strength




*** Please note that this is high quality chocolate and may melt during transportation ***

  • Not recommended for children
  • Do not consume with alcohol
  • Do not use with prescription medication

1 review for Canna Slab Standard – 60g

  1. Barry (verified owner)

    I ate 1 block and after about 30min a light buzz came which I would describe as just a nice feeling without being dominating or overpowering, quite unlike what you get from 1 Canna cookie. For tolerant users I’d recommend eating at least 3 blocks if you’re looking to get stoned.
    Overall I like the effect 1 or 2 blocks brings on; it just lifts the mood enough to be enjoyable without feeling stoned. Plus you sleep lekker as you come down.

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