Apricot Kernel Oil 100ml

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R127.24 inc VAT

 For sensitive skin
 As a health benefit for hair care
 As an Under Eye Cream
 As a Face Oil
 For Heart Health

Recommended Use:

6-12 drops daily

5 reviews for Apricot Kernel Oil 100ml

  1. Wilma

    Cancer and tumors

    • admin

      amazing for both!

  2. Marcia

    I am.despetate to know more about product and to obtain it URGENTLY .

  3. Abdool Kader Y Hansa

    I bought a bottle of Apricot Kernel Oil. The instructions says ” 6 – 15 Drops daily”. Is the oil to be taken in water or just as such.

    • admin

      Start with two drops three times a day, that is what it means. You can gradually increase from there.

  4. renallphillip

    for the under eye, do i still need to use the drop orally or do i need to apply the oil to my under eye area ?

    • admin

      Apply it topically.

  5. cbate

    Would it help for skin cancers if applied topically?

    • admin

      Yes, it would.

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