Giving Back is What We Do

For the past few years, we have supplied 40 children from a selected school with lunch every Friday. As the Bobby Greenhash Foundation, we champion education and believe it is the fundamental right of every child and we do not want hunger to be an obstacle for those who come from ‘less-fortunate’ families.
Our typical lunch pack contains a sandwich/pie/hotdog, a juice/water, fruit, chips and yoghurt. This allows the children to have a meal and snack during both break times and not be distracted by hunger or feel ‘less than’ when other children eat. For some of these children, this might be the best meal of the week and we always make sure it is special.
Looking to nourish more than each child’s body, we also add motivational notes to each lunch. This serves to instil a positive attitude and inspire each child to make the most of the opportunities provided to them.
We have served 40 children lunches every Friday for over 3 years now and we are always looking to increase that number. We often identify other children in need in Mzingazi Township and do what we can for them as well, including throwing a year-end party for the creches there.
If you want to join our mission, let us know what you’re willing to assist with and we will make sure that it reaches the correct places and puts smiles on faces.

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