The Café We(Ne)ed

On Florida Road in Morningside, Durban, there is a little gem that has quite quickly revealed its own necessity. Since it is one of the first of its kind in our beautiful land, it has set a foundation for something we did not realise we needed so desperately. Namely, a cannabis café that caters to enthusiasts holistically, Bohemian Beach Bumz.

This little gem was clearly established by those who know their clientele and are prepared to offer them the best possible cannabis experience in a safe, clean and classy environment. Finally, the leap has been taken from our cannabis experiences being tainted by the discomfort of back alleys, bushes and other generally unpleasant environments. The ‘stoner experience’ has been giving a much-needed sanitisation and upgrade by those who are, in-fact, part of the cannabis community and have the best interests of them at heart. Bob Marley’s “One Love” can be seen in the establishment and in the clientele that visit B³.

The two parts of the establishments are cosy little corners where you can get yourself high-quality, vegan friendly (cannabis-infused or not) little meals and snacks or you can head upstairs and enjoy the smoking experience. Whether one chooses to spend time in both or one, they are guaranteed to have a positive cannabis experience that is the true representation of what cannabis culture actually is.

Both environments prove what the cannabis community has been saying for the longest time, cannabis unites people and is a marketable commodity that has unlimited potential both in the formal and informal economies. This venture that caters to the socially-excluded cannabis community’s tastes has opened up town to those who would have otherwise been cooped up at home in order to enjoy their cannabis goodness with friends. Now there’s the added benefit of connecting with other cannabis enthusiasts and novices, something that has been desperately lacking for so long.

An added proof that this vacuum in the cannabis community’s social experience had to be filled is the sheer number of clients that walk through B³’s doors. The place almost immediately saw the need for more space because, as we have known all along, there are multitudes who need a place like this. A place of control (age limits, strict quality control, safe environment and products, alcohol-free, etc), class and the enjoyment of the wonderful herb.

A day or night out has a new face, a smiling face. B³ has set the standard for what constitutes a suitable environment that truly represents the interests and desires of the cannabis community. The proof of this pudding is written on the joyous faces of those who run in and slowly walk out. This is definitely the place that is changing what the ‘stoner experience’ is supposed to be. And about time too.

Well done to those that established and run this gem, the beautiful picture of cannabis is finally on the canvas of city life. Lucky Durban.


  1. Claudette Lucas

    Hi There, i was in Durban in September, i dined at a restaurant in Florida road (Butchers Block) and i was wonderig where your cafe was . i was wanting to buy some canna soap and canna cream. PLease could you supply me with your street address so that when i am in Durban again i can visit your shop.

    Many thanks and kind regards

    Claudette (Cape Town).

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