The Natural guide to Cancer

A recent Article predicts a 78% increase in cancer by 2030…. “South Africa is ranked 50th on the World Cancer Research Fund’s list of countries with the highest cancer prevalence rates.” Since the South African Cancer Statistics haven’t been updated in a few years and still no alternatives have been mentioned or offered. Chemo is prescribed as the first option of treatment, even with a low success rate of less than <10%. How many people have taken their health into their own hands and actually succeeded? In my personal experience, I have seen a few cases where some stopped chemo and started juicing, supplements, using medicinal oils, reiki (energy healing), yoga, ayahuasca and more. Where does healing start? It starts with you, not your dr. It starts at home, your thoughts, the food you eat. What information are you receiving? Do you take control of your life or allow someone to make decisions for you?
Few sources actually tells you what you need to know, so this Article is targeted at Cancer Patients and full of resources…

Here are some Natural Alternatives you can start with:
• Asking your Dr questions: 20 Questions to Ask your Oncologist – here is something to consider at your next visit. Ask as many questions, you are paying for a service and can demand answers. If you are not completely satisfied you can always change your Dr, to one who can support your decision or method of healing. You have choices – Know them. Even going for 2nd or 3rd opinions if you feel your options are too limited.
• Conventional vs Natural – Chemotherapy Alternatives, Natural cancer treatments for those using chemotherapy and/or radiation, The effects of chemo on the body, Chemo & Radiation: What your M.D doesn’t tell you, The Endocannabinoid System 

• Mind Body Soul – Yoga for Cancer, Reiki for Cancer, Healing Cancer Naturally – A Holistic Approach, Holistic Healing Practices, Holistic Healing Methods – List

There is no single approach to Treating, Curing or Killing Cancer, why just use one method. Nature has more cures and treatments than conventional medicines, Pharmaceutical medicines are taken from nature and modified. Everything we need, comes from nature.

• Diet Concerns: The vast growth of GMO foods in South Africa ie: Maize & Soya being the highest in the World. In Africa Maize (meal) is the number 1 staple food amongst South Africans and Soya being the majority of Vegan & Vegetarians. South Africa is the 8th largest producer of GMOs in the world. Unlabeled food tests positive for GMO, seems like we are getting fed to get sick. The Slow Poison of GMOs linked to over 22 Different Diseases.. Here are 8 reasons why Meat is Bad for you, Take into consideration that cutting out meat during the healing process is possibly the best thing you can do for your body, as your body is already under stress. So here are some options to try –
Ketogenic Diet: Cancer, Keto Diet – Pros & Cons, 10 Natural Cancer Treatments, Juicing for Cancer & a Mediterranean Diet and to get you started…

• Cannabis, Supplements & Cancer – Cannabis has been around probably since the beginning, utilized by humans and animals, as like any plant used in nature, Cannabis (Marijuana, Ganja, Irie) is now known for the Cannabinoids relating to our newly discovered Endocannabinoid System, just like we have a nervous system & neurological system. Read Four Ways Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells & Supplemental Treatments. Using Supplements to compliment the all-natural cannabis treatment can be beneficial in helping lower blood pressure, improving blood circulation, anxiety, depression, mostly inflammation which causes chronic pain, providing abundance of micro-nutrients which gets left out our diets and countless other benefits.

Cannabis Suppositories are so beneficial for pain, cancers, colon cancer, period pains, ovarian cysts, thrush, and so much more Read- Backdoor Medicine: How Cannabis Suppositories Can Save Lives

Alkalizing the body is very important in aiding: pain relief, illnesses, organ health and Blood Sugar. Maintaining with high quality ingredients and healthy lifestyle.

This information is solely for the purpose of SELF-EDUCATION, it is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease… Research based information and compiled with genuine concern for all.

Love & Light

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  1. lombaard55

    I have been diagnosed with light pr0state cancer an have subsequently ordered FECO 100mg.

    I have taken one capsule on Saturday night and one again Monday night.

    I have experienced the following:

    A very quick reaction of the meds, within an hour or less,

    I get a bit dizzy.
    I get a tingling feeling first the left side of my head, spreading to the right side, into my left arm and hand then to my right. The same feeling as you have when a limb is “sleeping”.
    It then starts in my legs.from here I get the same feeling as someone would who suffers from cold fever over my whole body. It lasts for about 3 hrs.
    Up to the next morning around 09 to 10 I still feel some light headedness.

    Is this normal ?

    Regards Johan

    1. admin

      Hi there Johan, sorry for the late response. this is very normal. what i would suggest is that you start on our smaller dose 25mg then you work up to 50mg (2 capsules of 25mg) then up to 75mg (3 capsules of 25mg). you must also try keep your sugar levels stable, the FECO tends to lower the sugar levels quite drastically.

      please contact me for further queries

  2. Reyaan

    Using Bobby’s oils two weeks before my brain surgery and post surgery whilst undergoing radiotherapy, I was clear of cancer transformation of the unsuccessful brain surgery after 30 sessions of radiotherapy and daily use of Bobby’s oils

  3. Terence

    My wife is using Feco 25mg per night, she has a uterine tumour, she refused chemo after one session, because it had a very bad effect on her. Then she started bleeding profusely from the tumour and had to get a blood transfusion and after the blood transfusion she started losing weight and developed night sweats cramps in her legs.

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