Turmeric and Four in one

Jared Talbot

 Overcame a trachea infection without any anti-biotics and full of energy.

CannaOil, Feco and Apricot Kernel oil

  • Claudia Herweck

The Client that suffers from a brain tumor and has started taking CannaOil, Feco capsules and Apricot kernel oil. A duration of 4 weeks apart, the client did a before and after scan and the tumor has had significant shrinkage.

Cannabis Soap

  • John Marais

Person suffers (12 years) from chronic psoriasis. Client has done extent research and used specialists and has had no success. Through a friend has come across the cannabis soap and has used it everyday since for the last 9 months with no adverse reactions.

Since, there is no sign of the psoriasis and very little itch.

Shea butter and CannaSoap

  • Daleen Botha 

Back and fourth with the pricey doctors this client with her last to spend was so happy with how successful it was. She applied it on the sores and when she woke up she was ‘’normal as can be’’. The sores are dried up and is busy healing in a fast-successful rate.


  • Jacques Albertyn

Persons has suffered from a benign brain tumor that 90% of it was removed 5 years ago, that causes multiple seizures. It has shown that it might have grown back by 1cm and seizures have started again. Doctors advised chemo and radiotherapy. Persons decided to change their lifestyle and significant diet change. They turned to Cannabis oil and one year later there has been no growth in the piece of the tumor that has remained. The tumor has not shrunk but have found dead tumors cells inside. The seizures have become less frequent and only lasts seconds.

‘’Cannabis oil has defiantly changed my life and I highly recommend it, but like any of the BGF members would tell you, it isn’t no one hit wonder. You have to invest in a complete lifestyle change, take care of what you eat and educate yourself.’’


  • Caroline Nel

This client has been asking herself over the last few years (10 years in remission), “why alternative healing?” She made a decision in her life to trust in natures medicine instead of mans. After 4 cycles of chemotherapy and radioactive scans she decided it was enough and changed her life’s path. Caroline has taken cannabis oil everyday as a preventative measure and she has been healthy since.


  • Renesh Ramdayal

Persons family member has informed that she has been using the CannaOil for around 8 days and has already seen the healing process begin. Her appetite has increased with no blockage and a subsided temperature.


  • Louis van der Walt

70 years old and a fantastic health.

Our client has been suffering with sickness aches, pains, arthritis in the hips, knees, hands and elbows. He has bladder problems, kidney problems, prostate problems, tiredness, obese, headaches, blood pressure, highly irritated, skin cancer, tension, short concentration span and sleeping problems.

After 7 months of taking the cannabis oil our client has had no pains, no aches, weight dropped 40kgs without any exercise and diet, more energetic throughout the day and has become calm mentally.

“THE BOBBY GREENHASH FOUNDATION makes one of the most potent and healing oil in the country. Equivalent or better than the world-famous Rick Simpson oil of the USA”


  • Claudia Strydom

Has seen extensive healing with her osteoarthritis and great results on her cholesterol levels.


  • Gerda

Blood pressure has dropped in the first 2 days of taking the oil


  • Debra Bekker

Debra was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 15 years ago and has only been getting worse. She came across a distributor in Cape town and have put her on psilocapsules and had an immediate effect. Debra takes 1 capsule every 3 days and has gained her energy back, her motivation, her ability to focus and concentrate.

“You’ve basically changed my life. And saved it.”


  • Steph van der Linde

After being finding a lump in one of Steph’s breasts, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided against surgery and radiation. She is treating herself aggressively with the cannabis oil. Steph went to go measure the lump that was previously 17mm and it has shrunk by 2mm.


  • Priscilla Rossouw

Clients mother has been diagnosed with chrones disease and for the last 3 years she has been to the hospital on a monthly basis. She started using the oil every morning and evening. She has been on the oil for over 2 months and hasn’t been back to the hospital since.


  • Juliette Morris

On the 16th day of taking the oil on a daily basis, our clients migraines that she suffered with every morning when she woke up to has completely stop.  She has struggled with her hair that has been falling out on a concerning level and after using the oil after a few weeks, it has now stopped completely.


  • Madelein

Clients husband suffers from diabetes and epilepsy and through his epilepsy, it has caused a temporary amnesia. He is not able to remember any sort of detail and his concentration has affected his work on a serious level. After taking the oil, a few minutes later he could instantly feel the effects.

He has become very calm and relaxed. His concentration is immaculate and is able to remember every detail of any situation throughout the day.


  • Susan Daniell

3 years ago, our client of Stage four cancer of the liver, kidney, bone marrow and brain. Has even lost an eye, he was given three months to live. After making that decision of starting the cannabis oil at such a late stage and only hoping for the best and treating it aggressively, our client is 45 and still alive


  • Yolanda Gielink

For 20 years our client has been struggling with a virus on her bottom lip that flares up into white blisters on a weekly basis. Client has been to dermatologists and are unable to diagnose the virus. After taking the oil, the inflammation is kept under complete control and the virus is suppressed effectively.


  • Linda Hyman

Emphysema was taking a toll on our client, who was taking schedule 5 pain medication. They turned to the oil and they ended up going completely of the pain medication and anti-depressants.


 Bernadette King

December 2010 our client had a massive stroke that left him with aphasia and limited movement on his right. He suffers from neurological pain post stroke. After using the CannaOil there has been a noticeable improvement and has helped him to sleep better.


  • Eugenie Van Devente

Client went for a xray and found no more cancer.


  • Caroline Nel

 Client was born with ring-chromosome-13 syndrome which has cause him to be mentally handicapped, has the Autism spectrum, severe anxiety, panic attacks (regular basis), leaky gut syndrome (episodes of diaree) and severe stomach cramps.

For 2 months the client has been taking the oils every morning and evening.


He has become less anxious where he is able to leave the house and all stomach problems have been resolved. No more diarrhea or stomach cramps

CannaOil –  Anonymous

  • Voluntary with no coercion or incentives involved

Early December 2016, client was diagnosed with a colon tumor. During the removal of the tumor, there was a substantial part of the colon removed as well and created a colostomy. During the CAT scans it was confirmed that it was an aggressive type on cancer (stage 3) and had started forming metastases on the liver and other internal organs. After the first session of chemotherapy the Ca count shot up double the amount. During the second session she started taking the CannaOil and could see an immediate change in her quality of life. It helped her with her high blood pressure and cholesterol, where she was able to could leave her medication for it. After not being able to do the second session due to low blood count, during the time she was picking up weight and remarked reduction in her Ca count from the oil.


  • Rowena Govindsamy

Client was diagnosed with oral cancer and has been using the cannabis oil, it has been a slow process but has assisted in calmness, sleep and increased appetite.


  • Martz Vdw

Client suffers from extreme anxiety disorder, panic attacks and depression, which causes intense panic attacks, fatigue, hopelessness, irritation, sadness and even the occasional blackout. Since using the oil the client has only had one panic attack, no need of additional tranquilizers, breathing has improved, heart palpitations seem to be under control and not exhausted or fatigue as much.




  • Sharnell Hastie

After 6 weeks of using our oil for the clients fibromyalgia, there has been no fibro pain and energy levels have improved.



  • John Allen Green

After 3 months of the use of the oil, our client feels stronger and can go up to a week without any Puresis.


Midbrain Aneurism and stroke

Elderly client experience painful sensations on her face and left side of her body intermittently with stiffness and irregular uncontrollable spasms, after using the trial of the oil with 7 drops in the evening, her symptoms have decreased significantly. There has been less of the intermittent painful sensations and can even do daily tasks

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