Depression – Are You Just Unhappy

Mental illness is the buzz word in the big pharma corporate machine, that’s what they are tackling head on right now. The poster child for this “epidemic” is depression and it is doing a wonderful job of being the new “in” illness.
Depression is defined as feelings of despondency and dejection, basically extreme unhappiness and
dissatisfaction with one’s life and/or present circumstances. These feelings have been elevated to
critical level by the information age that we live in, everywhere we look there is something telling us
that our lives are not good enough.

With all these external stimuli designed to make us feel inadequate so we can try and buy happiness.
It is of great importance that we start taking long, hard looks at ourselves to try and escape the
madness. This must be done before we find ourselves on medications that leave us as nothing more
than zombies stumbling through their lives waiting for the next gadget to acquire.
This illusion that shops and malls possess our requirements for satisfaction, gratification and
happiness is a noose around society’s neck. The chair under us is slipping and we are headed for
disaster because we still follow the approach of tackling the symptoms but never permanently curing or addressing the root causes of our problems.

Saying “I’m depressed” is very trendy in this day and age, that is probably due to the fact that dissatisfaction has been demonised. If you are unhappy, it has been boiled down to a weakness because it is linked to one’s in ability to afford something or another.
I come to you this day to tell you that society’s model has been corrupted, we are living backwards. We have been duped into seeking happiness externally when it comes from within. We believe that you will be happier the more you acquire stuff, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is more joy derived from giving to others than receiving for yourself. These self-centered, “look out for number one” attitudes are our biggest stumbling blocks.

My point is, most of the time, if you’re depressed, it’s not because you are sick and need to start medicating yourself. It is better advised to conduct extensive research into what the root cause of your problem is and tackle that. There is no relief offered by pumping yourself full of drugs, which have side-effects of their own.
There is the huge possibility that you are unhappy because there is nothing to be happy about. What news are you paying most attention to? If your intake of entertainment is flooded with violence, betrayal, abuse, etc than that must be addressed. Constantly worrying or filling yourself with negativity is a sure way to depression.
If and when you do decide to medicate, go natural. The last thing you want to do is pump chemicals into an already distressed system.
Stop looking for external cures for internal issues.

By Wonga


  1. Belinda Berndt

    I am on Depression meds for 3 months now and feel like shit. I took myself off recently and still feel like shit. Sorry but there is no other way to describe it. I dont think i am depressed, more an anxious feeling and just need rest and calmness in my life.. I am 47 years of age. I need advice please.

    1. admin

      You need the Herbal Antidepressant (psilocaps). Canna Cookies (to be ingested in the evenings 2hrs before bed) to help you sleep. Magnesium Glycinate capsules as well.

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