What Kind of Energy are you consuming?

Energy drinks: Bad idea

Energy drinks give your body an injection of a variety of concoctions (high in caffeine and sugar) in order to “boost” energy levels. It’s another case of us humans trying to override our body’s normal functions. The feeling of tiredness/exhaustion is a message that your body is sending to you, you’re supposed to heed it and take the appropriate steps.
If you feel tired, it is probably because you are tired. What is the appropriate reaction to this feeling? I’m glad you asked.

REST! That is the answer.

If you take something that forces you to override the need to rest, you worsen the damage. You board a bullet train to exhaustion and other side-effects when you deny yourself necessary rest. Your body needs rest as much as it needs food.
Energy drinks do not solve the problem of lack of energy; they mask it and make it worse. By masking it, they deprive you of finding out what the root cause of your low-energy is. The irony is, energy drinks do not solve the problem, they bring a flood of new problems.
These problems include: caffeine overdose (research caffeine, you will be shocked), energy highs and lows, weight gain, insulin resistance, dehydration (fainting and weakness), dental problems, risky behaviour and other psychological problems. I know, right. All expected to get was wings.
There are healthy alternatives to energy drinks, none more important than rest. You have to get enough rest in order for your body and mind to function properly. There is no substitute for rest and there is no way of cheating your body out of it.
Next is diet, you have to start taking a serious interest in your food. Food is the fuel that your body needs to function but not just any food. If you put paraffin in a car (instead of petrol) it would damage your car, even it is fuel as well. This goes to show that you must not put just any fuel into any vehicle and expect good results. Your body is your vehicle, the food you eat is fuel. Ask yourself: is the food you are eating the correct fuel for your vehicle? If not, it is expected that your vehicle will have problems.
The alternatives to energy drinks are: Moringa leaf, which provides energy up to 7-hours, control PH and sugar levels; L-Arginine, which improves sport & sexual performance, sharpens brain function; Maca Root, boosts libido, controls mood swings and depression.
These are better alternatives and they have countless other health benefits. These natural supplements are easily broken down and utilised by your body, unlike energy drinks which throw your body into a wild tailspin.
Start caring about your body, it is your responsibility after all.

By Wonga Mkhulise

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