Why Alternative Healing


After viewing many toothpaste adverts on television, I have always been captivated by one line that they all seem to say at one point: “Number one toothpaste recommended by dentists.” That line got me thinking and I haven’t stopped since. Let me explain.

If dentists make their living from our teeth being in bad shape, is it not in their best interest that we do things that mess up our teeth? What I am saying is, it’s good for business that we do things that give us oral problems. It is safe to assume that dentists do not want a product or medicine that will solve your teeth problems permanently, that will put them out of work.
Knowing that they have this knowledge, I have always been sceptical of solutions that are recommended by dentists. I am not saying that dentists are out to ruin your teeth, I am saying that your teeth being ruined is a huge benefit for them. Given that, is it wise to trust their recommendations?
This extends beyond just the dental field, it expands to the medical field and various other fields in this capitalistic time we live in. Doctors require that we remain sick so they can prosper via consultations and sale of medicines (medicines that they themselves would never take, peculiar). Mechanics need your car to break down in order for them to make money fixing it.

Putting all that into consideration is what lead me to pursue alternative medicine. Research got me to a point where I noticed that a majority of these alternative healers are not driven by money, they genuinely want to help people. Not only that, these people test and perfect these healing methods on themselves. That is a huge factor considering that doctors do not take paracetamol for headaches or pain but they will gladly prescribe it to you.
A little bit of research will reveal to you that most commercial toothpastes contains chemicals that are detrimental to your health. These are the same toothpastes that are “recommended by dentists”. Scary.
The scary world we live in puts profits above people and that is a red flag. Alternative healers (on the most part) puts health first and tailor treatment to suit individual cases. Mainstream medicine is given using a “one size fits all” approach and if you consider how different we all are, that approach is very dangerous.

My point is this, mainstream medicine is about money, not health. It’s about profits not treatment. Our illnesses are big business and therefore we must conduct extensive research on our own before we trust a “professional” whose bread and butter is our being sick and staying that way.

By: Wonga Mkhulise

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